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Our Mission:


To provide the highest quality equipment and services to our customers.  We are proud to provide a cost effective solution for facilities that require the use of fluoroscopy but cannot afford the high cost of equipment and staffing.





One of the true pioneers in the industry is Tony Brown.  After years of training at the Veterans Medical Center in San Diego and an honorable discharge from the Unites States Air Force, Tony began working in radiology at an orthopedic practice.  It was there-when asked to take an x-ray in the surgery center downstairs from the practice-that he came upon an opportunity to use his radiology skills in a different way.  “I took an x-ray, it turned out great, they asked me if I could come back again if they needed an x-ray and that's how it started”.  They had two other centers in the San Diego area that needed similar service.  The demand and response to taking intra-operative films was so great, it was enough to start a business.  So in 1994 Tony began his own radiology service company, Pacific American Medical Service, Inc.  “Over the next five years I added more techs, my own C-Arms and my knack for business.  The response to the service created a high demand all throughout California and it grew into a successful company”.



Today, Pacific American Medical Service Inc. continues to provide the highest quality C-Arms, Techs, procedure tables, lead aprons, and QA service to more than 40 surgery centers and doctors offices throughout California.

Toll Free: (866) 943-4589 or Phone: (858) 622-0792

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